Ready to sell easily without sounding sales-y?

I help online entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses with clear messaging that matches their personality so they can spend more time where they shine.

Aren’t you exhausted from trying to do all the things in your business all the time?

You’ve heard that “content is king” a bazillion times and you know it’s essential to attracting the clients you want to work with most. 


But right now you’re drowning in content creation that isn’t growing your business fast enough. You spend your days painstakingly crafting your sales pages, blogs, emails, etc. 


Despite your hard work, you’re getting crickets in response. 


Your funnels aren’t converting. Everything’s taking too long to grow. Maybe you’ve even launched to zero sales.


You started your business to help people. To have financial freedom. To do what you’re called to in this world.


Now you worry that you’ll never have a sustainable business. 


It’s time to change that.

You don’t need to struggle with figuring out what to say to your audience in order to grow your list, fill up your calendar, and spend more time doing the work you love — you need done-for-you copy your customers can’t ignore.

Your dream business is turning out to be a pain in the ass.

When you started your business, you dreamt of…


… part-time hours for more than full-time pay.


… getting to do what brings you joy every day.


… the freedom of being your own boss.


The reality is you’re…


… struggling to keep up with your social media content plan that you have to constantly change for every little shift in the algorithm.


… spending more time finding people to work with than working with them.


… feeling like you don’t know how to showcase the value of your work without sounding super sales-y.


… 60+ hour weeks while feeling like you’re never gonna get to where you wanna be.


Right now you’re stuck in the trap of unsustainable entrepreneurship.


By trying to do everything for your business, you end up only getting a fraction of the work done. You’re burnt out. Maybe you’ve even thought about throwing in the towel.


You deserve the business of your dreams without having to spend every waking moment working on it.


That’s what we’ll build.

Attract Your Ideal Clients

You want to help as many people as possible. But you won’t help anyone if they can’t find you. We’ll make sure that your perfect customers don’t just find you — they fall in love.

Sell Without the Ick

Sales copy done well sounds like *you*, not a skeezy used car salesman. Let’s spiff up your biz with a little word-science to help tip the scales for the people who need you most.

Sustainably Grow Your Biz

“Will it scale?” That’s the question we’ll be answering. You dream big. We’ll make sure your systems are ready to scale to match them.

Here’s my 4-step process:

01 | Start with strategy

You’ve got big goals and that’s where we’ll begin. Once we break down what’s working in your business and what’s NOT, you’ll get a proposal tailored to your goals so that we’re working smarter, not harder.

Woman writing her business and copywriting goals on a pink sticky note.
Woman pointing at a wall of sticky notes

02 | Put on the lab coat

You focus on what you do best (or kick up your heels for some much-deserved rest) while I head into the lab. I blend science-backed techniques with psychology to optimize your copy to nurture & sell.

03 | Give it some OOMPH!

I sprinkle in your personality and put my ear to the ground to figure out what your ideal clients are saying and HOW they’re saying it. This = copy that makes your customers go “OMG get out of my head!” — which is exactly what we want.

A women smiling in front of a bright mural of different colored hearts.
Woman in front of bright mural with emoji balloons in front of her face.

04 | Share the joy

Once you’re head-over-heels with your copy, you’ll hit that publish button. You get to watch as your new copy gets to work for you and the customer responses roll in. You deserve compelling copy that allows you to focus where you shine.

Let me be your Judy Greer.

Kate LaChapelle

Copywriter + Biz strategy

aka the business bestie you've been missing

Do you ever wonder why some business owners seem to attract their ideal clients with ease, always have the right thing to say, and have streamlined systems so they’re not pulling all-nighters ahead of a launch?


Well, I help coaches and course creators create a scalable business that reaches the right customers at the right time with the right words.


Just like the queen of rom-com besties (the incredible Judy Greer, of course) I’m here to support you AND get real with you about what needs to change to make your business goals a reality.


Tired of your business feeling like a before picture? Then let’s give it a classic rom-com makeover.

“I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are monetary costs associated with that.” – James Altucher

Are you ready to hire a copywriter?

I get it. You’ve done so much of this on your own that it’s nerve-wracking to hand off something that feels so personal. 


But by doing everything yourself, you’re limiting your business’s growth. And what’s worse? You’re keeping yourself from experiencing the freedom entrepreneurship can give you.


So even if you think that:

  • You don’t even know how to sound like yourself in your marketing materials, so how could someone else?
  • Social media is where you engage the most with your audience so a website or email isn’t going to do much for your business.
  • Things aren’t growing as quickly as you’d like and you don’t have time to onboard someone new.
  • You’ve hired people before and they made everything sound sales-y and didn’t try to understand your business. So now you’re not sure you want to invest the money in someone new.


Working with a professional copywriter can save you frustration, time, and money in the long run. 

“I was very lucky to have the opportunity for the lovely Kate to work her magic on my writing. She really is a genius when it comes to creative writing. She helped me see when I struggle (trying to be factual and ‘descriptive’), and when I don’t (free-flowing heart-felt shares), which was a revelation to me, and has already helped me lean into my more creative zone.”

– Becky C. || Sales Coach

Not to be rude, but like…

what’s your problem?

This most likely means people can’t find you. To change that, we’ll revamp your SEO strategy, content creation, and website to ensure it’s primed to bring your dream clients to your doorstep. Potential solutions:

    • Website audit – $200
    • Copywritten, SEO-optimized website copy – $300 per page
    • Copywritten, SEO-optimized blog post – starts at $250

The ole “sign up for my newsletter!” schtick doesn’t cut it anymore. Email inboxes are valuable real estate, so if someone’s gonna sign up they need to know two things. One, that they’ll get something out of it. Two, what to expect going forward. We’ll check off both boxes with:

    • An irresistible lead magnet – starts at $400
    • Landing page – starts at $400
    • Social media ad copy – $50
    • Welcome sequence – starts at $400
    • Email funnel audit – $150

You’re grinding to send out emails and get crickets in response or you’re too nervous to reach out in the first place. Either way, there’s been a breakdown in communication. We need to rebuild your relationship with your subscribers so they’re chomping at the bit to work with you. This might look like:

    • Re-engagement sequence – starts at $400
    • Email newsletters – $50

You’ve poured your soul into your sales funnel, but the response is colder than getting the 4th shower in the morning. We’ll renovate your sales copy so it wins over your fans and transforms them into customers. We’ll consider:

    • Sales funnel audit – $250
    • Email sales sequence – starts at $600
    • Sales page – starts at $1,000

These are all potential copy recommendations. After we meet and discuss your specific business goals and needs, I’ll create a personalized proposal of services. 


One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for clothing and I won’t use it for your business either.

“Her reflections and ideas about my [work] were invaluable to the process and she really met me where I was at and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend working with Kate on your writing journey if you want… support, clarity, and confidence!”

– Emma B. || Screenwriter & Actress

Ready to put up your virtual “no vacancy” sign?

Let’s get you booked up, sold out, and scaling with ease.